How Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Digital Signage refers to using modern display panels, digital content, and Internet technology in a network of rich-media signs to help promote your business. Digital Signage is a new and unusually effective way to reach your customers.

CREATIVE Digital Signs, LLC brings digital signage to businesses in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to deliver MORE information to MORE people with MORE impact.

According to a recent study, Digital Signs rank second in audience recall compared to TV. Sixty-two percent of customers in this study specifically remembered seeing these ads.

CREATIVE can place motion-based messages or advertisements in high traffic areas in HOST business locations such as fine restaurants, busy health clubs, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and other retail locations. Your messages will appear on high definition, low energy flat-screen monitors and will display multiple times per hour. And we can easily update Your Ad with minimal lead-time, keeping your message current and relevant.

We also support non-advertising systems too, including Digital Menu Boards, Interactive Kiosks, or Wayfinding. With Digital Menus you (or CREATIVE) can easily:  1) change sales items and update prices simultaneously across multiple locations, 2) display different graphics or messages at specific times of day, and 3) promote sales of products available on-premise. 

With Interactive Kiosks, users can access touch screen displays programmed with custom content that provides access to information and applications for searching, displaying, educating, and entertainment. Wayfinding consists of displays with content that helps users literally "find their way" in venues such as hotels, museums, office buildings, etc.

CREATIVE offers several maintenance options tailored to support your message update frequency,  number of locations, number of screens per location, and level of administrative support.

Whatever your requirements, CREATIVE will make your transition to digital an EASY, RELIABLE and MEASURABLE success. Please Contact Us now for more details. 


Community-Based Ads

We support the advertising needs of local small to medium-sized businesses in New Mexico.  Our typical customer has a high resolution logo and at least one a full-color graphic advertisement created for print advertising. You may or may not have your own graphic artist or ad agency.

CREATIVE Digital Signs delivers your content remotely through the Internet. And with CREATIVE Digital Signs, Ad Creation and Administration can be virtually eliminated, so you can focus on running your business.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our low prices and service compared to other forms of advertising. This can be especially important in economic times like this.

Make the leap now from paper-based advertising to a new and visually-engaging advertising technology. And, if you complete our online Survey, you will receive one FREE month of advertising.  OR Contact Us now!

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